Tuesday, February 9, 2010

{ knitting on }

So I manged to finish Scott's hat and because I am terrible at keeping gifts until it's actually time to give them, I handed it over immediately. Hey, it's cold up here and the boy needed a hat that actually matched his coat. I'll have to get some photos of him modeling his hat that I like to steal and wear for myself from time to time {shuffle}. And he loved the nerdy iPod protector too. See? Bad at gift keeping.

This past weekend my knitting buddy made the trek up here from Rockford. It was nice to have someone to knit with again. Maria started the most adorable little booties and I started this for Maria:

After some much needed cursing, it's starting to come along quite nicely and I no longer have to look at the pattern after every section. Yay!

I've also got a sweater going for Sammo/Vivian and I loooooove the way the yarn is knitting up:

I'm going to have to dig around in my stash for some trim yarn that matches and I plan on hitting up the local yarn shop for some super cute buttons. I <3 knitting for my kids.

As for next in line, Stephen has been sweating me for a scarf. We must have scoured my yarn sites over and over again for months looking for the perfect yarn for him. He's as picky as I am with colors. So after much deliberating and holding out for "the one", we scored this:

Seriously, the colors make me happy and if Stephen changes his mind {again!}, it won't make me too sad to make something for myself out of this!

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