Saturday, May 22, 2010

{ the knitting road trip }

So, I was nosing around Ravelry as usual {if you knit/crochet and don't know what it is, go. Now. Sign up. It's FREE. You'll thank me!}, and I received an invite to join a group for the April Showers Bring Yarn Flowers shop hop that was scheduled for this weekend in MN. At first I shrugged it off because I was supposed to be out of town, but when my plans changed I KNEW this road trip was on! The hubster told me he was watching the girls and sent me on my merry way. Let's start at the beginning.

The drive to MN from Eau Claire involved me in the car with my saucy GPSpouse that tends to be a wee bit too demanding at times. She's always forgetting to tell me when exactly my 200 yards is up and I wind up hearing "when possible, make a legal U-turn...." waaaaaaaaaay too much. Oh, and it also involved lots of off-key singing to music I only listen to when Scott's not in the car. Yes. Girly road trip music! My first stop wasn't on the actual shop hop, but it was on my own personal "Shop I MUST Visit List".

darn. knit. {anyway} is located in Stillwater, MN and it most definitely lived up to my expectations. Lots and lots of yarn {ZOMG, yarnz!} magically jumped into my bag to come home and live with me. I will most definitely be back! It was lovely to get to actually squish in person so many of the yarns I've debated on purchasing online. In addition to yarn, she carried a lovely selection of boutique fabrics and fabulous gift items made by local artisans. ♥ I spent at least 45 minutes there and could have spent more if I didn't have such a large day planned already.

Now, on to the actual shop hopping....

Amazing ThreadsColdwater CollaborativeNeedlework UnlimitedSheepy Yarn ShoppeThe YarneryZandy's Yarn Etc.

I had an absolute blast! Okay, so the bumper to bumper construction traffic for most of the trip was not cool and finding a spot to park near The Yarnery in St. Paul was quite daunting {I ended up walking at least 5 blocks}, but it was so worth it. These are the times it probably would have been entertaining to have another person with to help ease some of the tension by acting silly. However, I got to check out six shops that I had never been to before and bring home lots of goodies to knit up for my family. I also picked up a toe-up sock book that I've had my eye on for some time and can't wait to knit the pair of socks that Samantha picked out for herself. I made it to the last shop with about 15 minutes until close! I turned in my stamp card, hoped for the best and headed home. My kids were certainly happy I was finally home and I think the husband might have been too. harhar!

And don't think I've been out playing leaving my poor knitting by the side of the chair! There's been plenty of work done too.

This is a hat I've started for myself called wurm by katushika. I'm knitting this in Becoming Art's colorway called Violet Hour on her cielo sport base. Major big puffy ♥.

And this little beauty was part of a KAL in the Becoming Art group on Ravelry. It's called Citron and was an awesome knit. There was enough going on in the pattern to keep it interesting, but it was totally acceptable as a TV project too. Love how it turned out and I've been wearing the tar out of it ever since I finished. This too is a Becoming Art yarn, 1/4 Moon on her cielo fingering base.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

{ woah, newbie hats make me swoon }

Seriously, even with my own kids, hats were my absolute favorite accessory for them. They had drawers full of them. Now that I'm knitting quite a bit, they have even more. Hats are always a quick in-between type of project for me, and are at the top of my list for appointment tv knitting {cough...GLEE...cough}.

These two newbie hats are for a mama that is keeping her baby's gender under wraps, so b+w photos will have to suffice. Adorable though, aren't they? The square one is definitely on my to-knit-for-my-own-kids list for this fall. ♥

Pattern Info
Munchkin Hat by Jeannie Kubricht
Tubey by by Woolly Wormhead

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

{ iKnit }

I knit to avoid mindless snacking. It's true. If it weren't for knitting, I'd probably have my head in the refrigerator all night long. har.

Well, the birthday gift is done. And since her birthday is this weekend, I won't post completed photos just yet.

What else have I been up to?

Pattern : Elliot Sweater by Teresa Cole
Yarn : Iris on superwash by Western Sky Knits

Pattern : Can't say yet...this is a surprise for someone full of awesome!!! {I will update this post when I mail them out}
Yarn : Cabernet on Merino/Cashmere/Nylon by Western Sky Knits

Some seriously yummeh stuff! <3

Saturday, March 27, 2010


{wip = work in progress}

Things have been quiet in here but that doesn't mean I'm not knitting. I've got two things going right now and yarn wound for a few more projects waiting in the wings. Have I mentioned how much I love having quiet alone time after everyone is in bed to knit? Seriously, it's therapeutic.

First, the gift for mom is coming along nicely and I'm hoping to finish this week:

Hello, gorgeous yarn {dyed by Western Sky Knits}! It's super soft too. I'm tempted to snuggle it every time I pick it back up again. The pattern is by Liz Abinante and is my first attempt at lace knitting of any sort. The pattern is turning out gorgeous and I can definitely see myself knitting up a few more of these for gifts as well as myself.

Second is another pattern by Teresa of Comfort Wool {yarn is again by Western Sky Knits, I'm addicted..}. This one is for Viv. Last night while sitting and talking to Scott it really hit me as to why I love knitting for our kids so much. Not only are they getting hand knit items made with love, but they're getting heirlooms that hopefully they'll get to use for their own babes some day. Which made me weepy, in a happy shmoopy sort of way. I love it when my kids ask me 10 times while I'm knitting if the item I'm working on is for them. I love when they want to wear their sweaters, hats, etc. even when they don't need to have them on. Seriously, good stuff there.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

a cardi{sam}

Another spring cardigan off the needles. This time for my Sammo. Super fast knit {i think it took me 2-3 nights of knitting after my kidlets were in bed} and wicked cute too. The sleeves were supposed to be longer {3/4ish}, but my yarn was running out fast so I made them short. I'll have to update with some action shots perhaps when Sam is up from her nap.

Pattern by Teresa Cole
Yarn dyed by Tree Frog Knits

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

the sweater full of awesome.

well, i told you i'd put up finished pictures when i was done and teresa listed the pattern for sale:

absolutely adorable. both the sweater and my viv. <3

and for those wanting to knit their own sweater of awesomeness, the pattern can be purchased here from teresa at her store, comfort wool!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

fiber a plenty.

The past few weeks have been quite doom and gloom up here in Northern Wisconsin. The kids and I have been huddled indoors thanks to the rain, the cold and the damp chill in the air. Nothing quite like snuggling on the couch with my babelettes and a knitting project on my lap.

First up was my socks from the Alice in Wonderland sock club from Woolgirl. This kit was amazing. Full of little Alice in Wonderland goodies and the most amazing pattern to compliment the gorgeous hand dyed yarn. The kit was my birthday gift from my husband. Truth be told, I never understood the allure of hand knit socks. Sure, I have plenty o' sock yarn in my stash, but I was saving those for shawls and other delicate accessories one might want. However, after finishing up this pair, I'm SMITTEN. These socks are amazing and I've already got plans to cast on a yummy pair of ankle socks for spring out of some yarn I picked up at Yellow Dog Knitting this weekend. Without further rambling at just how awesome sauce these socks are:

Next, after seeing Stephen's super oh-so-skeery tooth monstah, my older brother requested one for my nephew. Here it is in all his toothy goodness:

And lastly, a spring sweater for Viv. This is a pattern I'm test knitting for someone on Ravelry and I'll post full pictures and a link to her information once she releases this amazing pattern. Really a sweet little knit and my Vivian is going to look oh so adorable in this.

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