Thursday, February 18, 2010

{ mmmmm....toasty }

I've been on a hat kick lately. Kate's Knitting : Keep Ears Warm! I'm so ready to do something else now that these are complete, however, I am still lacking an awesome winter hat for myself...hmmmm.

First off, I finished Maria's headband/head warmer thing-a-ma-jig. I demand action shots, woman!

Second, I finally made Scott put his hat on while I had my camera out for photos. With capturing all the nuttiness that is life with our kids, I often forget that we need to have pictures of us as well.

This colorway definitely needs to be knit with two skeins to prevent the pooling {that I really don't even mind that much} or it needed to be wound and knit from both ends {and I so didn't have my awesome anniversary gift from Scott or it would have been! Photos of that awesomeness next time}. Perhaps if I ever come across any of this yarn again, I'll have to make sure to get two. The greens really are fresh and I'm a sucker for anything with teal/blue in it. If ya saw my whole stash, you'd agree...

Next up was a newborn hat for Scott's coworker. They're expecting in May and I couldn't not make something cute. I have one sock done to match as well, and I'll post photos when its partner is complete.

See? There's blue again.

{and this brings up the point that I am totally up for knitting gifts for you, reader, to gift to other as well! Who wouldn't want homemade snugglies for their wee one's shower?! Email me for info!}

What's next you ask {Yep. You sure did!}? Why, a birthday gift for my mum made out of this:

And yes, I put this up just to torture her. This is all you'll see on the blog until after her birthday in April since she recently discovered that this blog does in fact exist. har.

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  1. Wow!! I love how the teal/blue makes Scott's eyes pop! and that purple would be mighty perfect for me...hmmm


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