Saturday, March 27, 2010


{wip = work in progress}

Things have been quiet in here but that doesn't mean I'm not knitting. I've got two things going right now and yarn wound for a few more projects waiting in the wings. Have I mentioned how much I love having quiet alone time after everyone is in bed to knit? Seriously, it's therapeutic.

First, the gift for mom is coming along nicely and I'm hoping to finish this week:

Hello, gorgeous yarn {dyed by Western Sky Knits}! It's super soft too. I'm tempted to snuggle it every time I pick it back up again. The pattern is by Liz Abinante and is my first attempt at lace knitting of any sort. The pattern is turning out gorgeous and I can definitely see myself knitting up a few more of these for gifts as well as myself.

Second is another pattern by Teresa of Comfort Wool {yarn is again by Western Sky Knits, I'm addicted..}. This one is for Viv. Last night while sitting and talking to Scott it really hit me as to why I love knitting for our kids so much. Not only are they getting hand knit items made with love, but they're getting heirlooms that hopefully they'll get to use for their own babes some day. Which made me weepy, in a happy shmoopy sort of way. I love it when my kids ask me 10 times while I'm knitting if the item I'm working on is for them. I love when they want to wear their sweaters, hats, etc. even when they don't need to have them on. Seriously, good stuff there.

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