Sunday, March 14, 2010

fiber a plenty.

The past few weeks have been quite doom and gloom up here in Northern Wisconsin. The kids and I have been huddled indoors thanks to the rain, the cold and the damp chill in the air. Nothing quite like snuggling on the couch with my babelettes and a knitting project on my lap.

First up was my socks from the Alice in Wonderland sock club from Woolgirl. This kit was amazing. Full of little Alice in Wonderland goodies and the most amazing pattern to compliment the gorgeous hand dyed yarn. The kit was my birthday gift from my husband. Truth be told, I never understood the allure of hand knit socks. Sure, I have plenty o' sock yarn in my stash, but I was saving those for shawls and other delicate accessories one might want. However, after finishing up this pair, I'm SMITTEN. These socks are amazing and I've already got plans to cast on a yummy pair of ankle socks for spring out of some yarn I picked up at Yellow Dog Knitting this weekend. Without further rambling at just how awesome sauce these socks are:

Next, after seeing Stephen's super oh-so-skeery tooth monstah, my older brother requested one for my nephew. Here it is in all his toothy goodness:

And lastly, a spring sweater for Viv. This is a pattern I'm test knitting for someone on Ravelry and I'll post full pictures and a link to her information once she releases this amazing pattern. Really a sweet little knit and my Vivian is going to look oh so adorable in this.

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  1. Well your Viv would look amazing in anything but that is a sweet sweet sweater! And the socks look toe-sty!


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